Frequently asked questions

What is the level used for, how to adjust it ?

The level is used by the decoder to be more selective on the loop and immunize a little more noise.
All transponders with a received level lower than the programmed level will not be detected. Likewise for noise.
For example, with a 0 level (high sensitivity), you can start to detect transponders from 2 m (6.5 ft) before the loop. By raising the level, the detection field will be reduced as well as the noise.

How to reduce noise, what is the cause ?

The noise is caused by electromagnetic sources (power supply, defective grounding, electrical cable nearby etc …).
The higher the noise, the more difficult it will be to detect transponders.

  • Remove the electric cables near the loop.
  • Do not wind up the coaxial cable.

No passing received from the decoder

If you use a network connection, make sure that the firewall is configured to allow Elite v3 software. By default, the decoder uses the 2008 port.
If you use a USB/Serial connection, check that the driver is recognized by the computer. Open the device manager tool and check if you have a yellow triangle.
If the decoder displays an “ACK” message, it means that the PC does not acknowledge the decoder frames. Check that you are using a “master” dongle.


All software is designed with .NET Framework, which means that you must have Framework 3.5 or higher installed to work.


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