We offer two ranges of products that can be used for most sports.

  • Timing system using “passive” loop
  • Timing system using “active” loop

All our timing systems and transponders do not require any annual subscription fee.

Timing system using passive loop

For sports like car racing, motorcycle racing (every sports with high speed), we recommend using Elite transponders or LS transponders.
These are Chronelec’s historical transponders used by many customers. They are still active and must be charged (unless connected to the vehicle battery).

These transponders can be detected by the Elite decoder or Protime decoder with the possibility of using intermediate decoders to have intermediate times.

Timing system using active loop

For sports like running, cycling, triathlon, skiing and low speed motor sport (<120 km/h, <74 mph), we recommend RF transponders or RF-S transponders.
RF transponders are on standby and are activated with an “active” loop. This loop is only for activation, the Elite RF decoder (or the RF decoder) and the transponder communicate by radio. These transponders allow a high detection rate simultaneously with accurate timing.

If your event requires timing a mass run, then the RFID transponder is the best solution. The cost is attractive but the accuracy is lower.
RFID transponders are detected by RFID decoder and they should be used for identification only.